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Holy Trinity – Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral
307 19th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 205-716-3080
Fax: 205-716-3085

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Outreach and Evangelism

In the period from the Resurrection to Pentecost, the Sunday Epistle readings tell us of a community of believers who were so totally devoted to God that their life together was charged by the power of the Holy Spirit. They prayed and served together in true Christian fellowship, loving each other and sharing their lives with one another. Those with more shared with those who had less, and people related in ways that blurred the lines of gender, race and culture. Unbelievers coming into contact with this community of believers saw a vision of life that was so dynamic that they could not resist it. We read in Acts 2:47 that 'the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.' This is the Church that we as Orthodox Christians claim to be. Visit: www.Outreach.goarch.org

OUR VISION:  As the presence of the Universal Church, the parish is called to witness to those within and those outside the community of believers.
OUR GOAL:  Is to fulfill the calling of Jesus Christ to be His witnesses.
OUR MISSION:  To Gather His People unto His Home and Come and See.
   There are three (3) important things we will accomplish by this Mission:
1.       Come & See Jesus Christ in our Midst
2.       Come & See the Power of Faith
3.       Come & See the Truth and Beauty of the Orthodox Christian Faith
We welcome all visitors and guest to our Cathedral.  We are thankful that you have chosen to worship with us today.

Sunday Greeters

Outreach & Evangelism Committee members are Greeting all Members and Visitors to our Cathedral every Sunday.

We welcome you all and thank you for worshiping with us today.

BOOKSTORE VOLUNTEERS                              GREETERS

02/01/15 Presvy. Catherine Kalariotes              02/01/15 Cathy Velotas; Presvy. Garnette Vasilakis


02/08/15 Aleksa Babic                                     02/08/15 Irene Tracy; Nick Erben


02/015/15 Antoinette Papajohn                        02/15/15 TBA


02/22/15  Beba Toulopis                                   02/22/15 Cindy Sfakianos; Tena Sarris


03/01/15 Taso Toulopis                                     03/01/15 Jim & Joanne Pihakis; Maria Orfanon


03/08/15 Chase Stephenson                              03/08/15 Kia Paulson; Larry & Elaine Lyda


03/15/15 Stacy Chiotakis                                   03/08/15 Jimmy & Angela Pappas; Pete Lafakis


03/22/15 Linda Coleman                                     03/22/15 Peter & Michelle Kolettis & Children


03/29/15 James Cortright                                   03/29/15 Cindy Sfakianos; Tena Sarris


Our Visitors are invited to join the Greeters at the special Visitor’s table and enjoy a cup of coffee and Baklava!

Sermons on CDs for our Church Members! 

On line audio and CD sermons are available every Sunday thru-out the year. This Outreach & Evangelism ministry is available for the computer guru or manually with a CD disk thanks to the work of Teddy Hontzas and Steve Nickolson.

You can come worship with us and get a free CD or it is easy to access thru our web site, http://www.holytrinity-holycross.org/sermons.htm

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