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Holy Trinity ‚Äď Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral
307 19th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 205-716-3080
Fax: 205-716-3085

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Orthodox Education Links

Religious Education & Orthodox Theology

      Daily Bible Readings
      Icons & Lives of Orthodox Saints
     Lives of Saints: Prologue to Ochrid
     Orthodox Center For The Advancement of Biblical Studies
Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy Articles
     Learn to Byzantine Chant

     Greek Archdiocese Religious Ed Department 
       Apologetics               Art & Architecture
       Biblical Studies           Canon Law
       Church History           Culture & Society
       Ecumenical Issues      Ethical & Social Issues
       Environment              Great Lent & Holy Pascha
       Monasticism              Music   
       Saints & Patristics      Theology   
       Worship                    Multimedia 
       Internet School of Orthodox Studies              

     SCOBA's Orthodox Education Commission
     Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Religious Educ.

Greek Education
     Greek Education
     Go Greece Education

Orthodox News & Articles Online

Orthodox Articles
     Jacob's Well
     Orthodox Center For The Advancement of Biblical Studies
     Orthodox Christian Assoc. of Medicine, Psychology & Religion
     Orthodox Theological Society Of America
     Orthodox Peace Fellowship
     Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy Articles
     SCOBA Joint Commission Reports & Articles
     Orthodox (SCOBA) Official Statements
     Orthodox America
     Orthodox Family Life
     Orthodox Catechism
     Orthodoxy Today

Orthodox News Links
     SCOBA News
     SCOBA News Archives
Orthodoxy Today

     Orthodox Observer

     Orthodox News Service

     Orthodox World News

     World Orthodox Youth News 

     Greek Archdiocese News Releases

     Orthodox TV

     Russian Orthodox News


Orthodox Seminaries & Theological Schools

Outreach & Interfaith

Ecumenical, Inter-Orthodox, & InterFaith Relations
     Standing Canonical Orthodox Bishops In America
        Ecumenical Guidelines For SCOBA
        SCOBA Official Statements
        Orthodox Joint Commission Reports & Articles
        Joint Commission Of Orthodox & Roman Catholic Bishops 
        Joint Commission Of Eastern & Oriental Orthodox
        Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation
        Orthodox-Lutheran Theological Consultation

     Ecumenical Office of Greek Archdiocese   
        Registry of Greek Orthodox Vital Statistics
        Orthodox Marriage & Family
        Orthodoxy & Islam

     Interfaith Online
     Orthodox Christian Assoc. of Medicine, Psychology & Religion
     Orthodox Theological Society Of America
     Orthodox Peace Fellowship

Outreach & Evangelism
Come Recieve The Light Radio
      Outreach & Evangelism
     Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry
     Orthodox Christian Mission Center
     Antiochian Archidocese Missions
     International Orthodox Christian Charities
     Greek Archdiocese Department of Philanthropy
     Orthodox Marriage & Family
     ZOE For Life
     Trinity Children & Family Services
     Orthodox Christian Fellowship
     Senior Living & Residences

Youth Ministry
Greek Archdiocese Youth & Young Adult Ministry
     Orthodox Committee On Scouting
     Orthodox Christian Fellowship
     Ionian Village
     OCA Youth Resource

World Orthodox Church Links

Orthodoxy in America

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America       
       The Holy Metropolis of Chicago
       The Holy Metropolis of San Francisco
       The Holy Metropolis of Pittsburgh
       The Holy Metropolis of Boston
       The Holy Metropolis of Denver
       The Holy Metropolis of Atlanta
       The Holy Metropolis of Detroit
       The Holy Metropolis of New Jersey
The Greek Orthodox Church of Canada

The Orthdox Church in America
       Russian Orthodox Sister Church In Russia
       Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska (OCA Alaska)
       Albanian Archdiocese (OCA Albania)
       Bulgarian Diocese (OCA Bulgaria)
       Archdiocese of Canada (OCA Canada)
       Exarchate of Mexico (OCA Mexico)
       Romanian Episcopate (OCA Romania)
       Australia (OCA Australia)

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